Power provision, integration, automation and control

IHC America designs, delivers and installs: integrated equipment and process instrumentation and automation; simulators; electrical installations; e-machines and drives; DP systems; and platform automation solutions. The company's life-cycle support and continuous research and development make it possibleto supply customers with proven technology and new solutions. 

Integrated bridge control

IHC Systems' integrated bridge completely automates dredging operations and combines them with sailing functions. This enables a single navigator to completely manage a trailing suction hopper dredger, a job which is usually carried out by several people. 

Automatic Cutter Controller® (ACC®)

The ACC® continuously manages the swing, stepping, cutting and pumping processes on cutter suction dredgers. It maintains high levels of production on a continuous basis, allowing operators to focus on their immediate environment and any passing traffic. 

Excavator Position Monitor and Automatic Controller (XPM/AXC)

The XPM/AXC optimizes the accuracy of the dredge profile and manages the safety of digging, slewing and unloading excavator dredgers. The XPM presents the dredger in a digital terrain model. The self-taught AXC consistently maintains safety, while automatically performing full dredging cycles. 

Training simulators

IHC Systems simulators facilitate operator techniques and the management of advanced systems for all types of dredgers – at a fraction of the cost and lower risk than training on real vessels. They are also utilizedto: familiarize technical staff and management with operations; attract, assess and motivate new members of staff; and to demonstrate projects to customers. 

Integrated electrical systems

Brand-independent system integrator, IHC Drives & Automation (IHC D&A), designs and delivers custom-made and reliable electrical solutions that optimize capital and operating expenditure. The systems utilize the minimumamount of installed power required and smart integration improves vessel performance. 

Small and robust modules and minimal component numbers and cabling reduce weight and losses. Full system analysis precedes projects that are supported by the delivery of switchboards, transformers, electric cabling, generators and electric motors, frequency drives and monitoring and control systems, covering a range up to 4.16kV. IHC D&A's compact and robust variable frequency drives set the industry standard.

Monitoring and control systems

Alarm monitoring, propulsion control, power management and platform control systems are essential for the reliable operation of vessels, and are subject to rules and regulations. IHC America can deliver stand-alone systems, although integration is usually recommended. 

DIVA vessel management system

IHC D&A has developed DIVA (D&A Integrated Vessel Automation), which is an open-structured, intelligent and integrated platform automation system. It was designed and tested to facilitate reliable, stable and easy operation, as well asmaintenance under all normal technical and operational circumstances. DIVA's intelligence allows optimal control of every inboard system and warrants itsreliability. It is prepared for remote support and condition-based maintenance.