• Architectural Fabrication

IHC America Architectural Fabrication...

…co-design, engineering and build!

IHC America Architectural Fabrication realizes architectonic projects by implementing innovations in the design and build process. 

Our unique added value is pragmatic support towards architects, artists and technicians by linking their professional worlds together.

We have worked with some of the most highly-regarded designers in the world including UNStudio, West 8, WXY, IAA, !Melk, Merkx+Girod on numerous projects across Europe and the United States.

IHC America is a member of the Royal IHC group which has been at the forefront of the shipbuilding industry since the 17th Century. Royal IHC has extensive experience with the largest, most complex marine fabrication projects for clients around the globe.  As part of Royal IHC, IHC America AF can now provide capabilities unimaginable to smaller fabricators and more economical, higher-quality alternatives to conventional site-built construction.