Cutter suction dredges

Integrated dredging solutions

IHC America offers a variety of custom-built and standard cutter suction dredges, capable of dredging compacted sand, various soil types as well as clay and rock. The spudguard system allows coastal operations and the cutter suction dredges can be equipped with propulsion. High accuracy and a continuous rate of production ensures the cutter suction dredges are productive tools for many kind of dredging jobs such as maintenance, capital (land reclamation, construction of new port basins and canals) as well as aggregate dredging.

The design, engineering and production of most of the dredge equipment and automation is executed in-house IHC which is beneficial to the customer, which results in a technically well balanced and innovative dredge, auxiliary equipment and life-cycle support.

In case of construction of cutter suction dredges at a  client’s preferred shipyard, IHC America offers design, engineering, dredge hardware components and automation packages as well as support during construction, outfitting, testing and commissioning in addition to  training.

Innovative vessels

The cutter suction dredges are renowned for their efficiency, reliability, high production rates and state-of-the-art technological features.

The latest generation of standard cutter suction dredges – IHC Beaver® dredges – features a wide range of options which can be matched to specific customer requirements for many different dredge applications. The dredges and dredge components can be delivered from stock and custom-built vessels can be delivered in a relatively short time frame.

IHC America is able to develop a custom-built cutter suction dredge for any specific dredging or mining requirement. In addition, IHC America supplies self-propelled cutter suction dredges, which can be used for major reclamation projects and port construction work throughout the world.

Advanced equipment

The advanced dredge equipment integrated in IHC America’s cutter suction dredges delivers a range of benefits to customers. Higher productivity at reduced operating costs, as well as optimum efficiency and minimal downtime contribute to the profitability of each dredging project.

The products are developed in-house IHC and are designed to meet the customers’ demands. This includes dredging equipment that is directly related to excavation work such as cutter heads and hydraulic transportation of materials such as dredge pumps and discharge lines.