Mechanical dredges

IHC America’s expertise is reflected by the flexible solutions and innovations that are inherent within its range of mechanical dredges. The backhoe and grab hopper dredges are designed and built according to customer specifications.

Although designed and built according to customer specifications, IHC America’s mechanical dredges share a number of common characteristics, which are the basis for their success. Firstly, the dredge is designed to achieve the required production level in a wide range of soil and environmental conditions. Consequently, soil, sea and other conditions are taken fully into account from the earliest design stage.

Secondly, the dredges are economical to operate and life-cycle costs are minimized by smart design.

IHC America customers have a variety of options to choose from in the mechanical dredges category. No other dredge provider offers such a complete package of vessels for the dredging industry.

Backhoe dredges

Backhoe dredges are stationary vessels that can be used for a wide range of marine operations. These dredges consist of two components: an excavator and a self-elevating pontoon that is lifted high enough above water level for the excavator to be firmly rooted to the ground. The pontoon is equipped with three spuds for positioning and elevating the backhoe dredger. These features assure  safety and accuracy for trenching and allow for working closely to solid structures in sand, compact clay, and rock.

Backhoe dredges can be equipped with advanced equipment such as: the IHC Hydrohammer® for piling and rock breaking as well as the TT Pump, specifically developed for use in small-scale dredging projects and maintenance activities, environmental projects, loading and unloading hopper barges, and mining activities.

Grab hopper dredger

Grab hopper dredges are generally used for maintenance dredging and in particular small-scale applications for port authorities responsible for maintaining relatively smaller national ports. These dredges are renowned for their multipurpose characteristics and capability of being operated independently. Mechanical dredges share a number of common features such as being economical to operate and a design to achieve the specified production level.