• Life-cycle support

Life-cycle support

IHC America customers rely on the unrivalled level of commitment that is offered to them through dedicated and comprehensive life-cycle support services. These help to maximize the equipment's availability and the return on investment, and therefore reduce the total cost of ownership. The cycle can be entered at any of its five integrated stages.

The technology innovator's highly qualified experts design and build innovative vessels and advanced equipment based on their vast worldwide experience of the dredging, mining and offshore industries.

The company offers a complete spectrum of high-quality and up-to-date services to ensure that crews operate in a highly skilled and efficient manner to achieve optimum levels of productivity. IHC life-cycle support also allows operators to maintain the durability and reliability of their systems through a range of specialist services.

Furthermore, an upgrade by means of renovation, modification or update of the existing systems, components and/or software can extend the working life of the vessel and equipment. With the expertise to research, engineer and install to the highest possible standard, the IHC America team will utilize complex processes, knowledge and experience to maintain the correct and safe and most efficient operation of all its products on board.