The cost effectiveness of dredging today depends to a great extent on the performance of the pumps, for example high-efficiency dredge, submerged, and jet pumps. Targeting the efficient transport of either the dredging mixture or water, these are critical components in almost all types of dredging systems. The main parameters used in defining the productivity of a dredge pump are: optimal design; reduction of wear and tear, and ensuring easy repair and replacement. 

Dredge pumps

IHC America vessels can be equipped with a complete range of dredge pumps, available in differenttypes. All pump series are available as: single or double-walled; inboard or submerged. Inboard dredge pumps are the primary power source for transporting the mixture to the hopper or discharge location. The dredge pumps are also essential for mixture transport in stationary dredgers and at pipeline booster stations. 

DTC customers can choose from conventional or high-efficiency pumps. The design is continuously being optimized to upgrade pump production and suction characteristics, and to reduce wear. Furthermore, the wear rate of dredge pumps can be reduced by the Curve® impeller, an innovative solution created by IHC Parts & Services for high-efficiency pumps. This new type of pump impeller is fitted with specially curved blades designed to improve the suction characteristics of a dredge pump. 

The recently developed Cutter Special® Pump is an example of IHC America’s innovative solutions. The highly efficient double-walled pump is specifically designed for applications on heavy duty cutter suction dredgers, which often extract material that contains large particles that must pass the pump. In comparison with conventional dredge pumps, it has a larger ball passage to prevent pump blockage, while still offering high efficiency and good suction performance. 

Submerged dredge pumps

IHC America’s submerged dredge pumps are single-walled conventional and high-performance units. They come complete with drive, support and control systems and respond to a wide range of operational requirements. Each pump offers benefits appropriate to the dredged materials, specific circumstances, and weight and space limitations. Submerged dredge pumps are located in the suction pipe and help to transport the mixture cost effectively from greater depths. 

Jet pumps

The wide range of IHC America dredging equipment also includes jet pumps. These typically have three main functions: fluidizing materials from the bottom to facilitate their removal by a draghead; aiding the loosening of soil in the hopper during discharge; and clearing the hopper after this process has been completed. IHC America jet pumps are particularly robust and reliable and offer great durability.