Trailing suction hopper dredges

Integrated dredging solutions

More than 100 years ago, IHC’s Kinderdijk shipyard built the first trailing suction hopper dredge. Since then, the company has developed many highly efficient, innovative and cost-effective, self-propelled custom-built trailing suction hopper dredges for its broad customer base all over the world. The dredges are designed to work in extreme conditions, at challenging depths, and are able to handle various types of soil.

Besides customized trailing suction hopper dredges, standardized dredges such as the IHC Beagle® and the EasydredgeTM were designed and built.  Modular options allow customized outfitting of the dredge tailored to the job, either at newbuilding stage or during the life cycle of the dredge.

IHC America offers the Northern America markets a wide range of highly productive hopper dredges, built according to the specific requirements of the customers to meet the challenges of particular dredge projects. Dredges are used for constructing, deepening and maintaining ports/harbors, access channels, reservoirs, beach nourishment, coastal protection, land reclamation, offshore pipeline trenching and so on.

In case of construction of hopper dredges at clients preferred shipyard, IHC America offers design, engineering, dredge hardware components and automation packages as well as support during construction, outfitting, testing and commissioning, and crew trainings.